Since 1838, timber work of the highest quality has been produced in the capentry business of the SCHÖCHL family. Over 170 years of experience and continuous development has helped us to become one of the leading yacht building firms in Europe. The shipyard of today remains to be a 100% family owned business.

CHRONICLE of the family and company Schöchl.

 1838Johann Schöchl, the great-grandfather, settles in Mattsee.
 1850Birth of the son Gottfried Schöchl.
 1875 Gottfried establishes a cabinet making business at his father's house
 1923Johann Schöchl, Gottfried's son takes charge of the family business and expands within the Salzburg region.
 1950Sons Johann and Gottfried take over from their father and establish a factory manufacturing high quality furniture. The business expands far beyond Mattses.
 1951Commencement of design and building of sailing-yachts in cold moulded plywood technique.
 1954Manufacture of sailing-yachts using cold-moulded veneer technique.
 1957Transformation of the furniture business into a yacht building business
 1958Building of the first sailing yachts in polyester technology "vacuum laminated foam sandwich"
 1961The commencement of series-production utilising polyester and epoxy.
Between 1960 and 1966, Hans and Gottfried win the state sailing championship a total of 5 times.
 1962First export activity within Europe.
 1963-1968Business expansion and construction of a shipyard on the lake. A Schöchl boat wins the "Kieler Woche" regatta. Exhibitions in Hamburg and Zurich. The yacht designer, E.G. van de Stadt, is given the contract for the first keel yacht under the name "SUNBEAM". Development and technical refinement of fibreglass boat building techniques.
 1968Presentation of the "SUNBEAM 22" at the Hamburg boat show. It becomes the most popular yacht of its' class in the German speaking part of Europe.
 1969-1973The Schöchl shipyard works together with renowned designers like E.G. van de Stadt and A. Miglitsch.
 1974Construction of a new boat yard (4'000m2) at Obernberg by Mattsee.
 1975Commencement of series-production in the new boat yard.
 1976Entry of Manfred Schöchl into the company. First boat-design by Manfred Schöchl.
 1977Manfred Schöchl wins the German championship in the Corsair class.
 1979Manfred Schöchl, takes the Austrian and German national titles in the Corsair class, and participates in the world championships.
 1980Establishment of a new subsidiary in Italy -  "Yachting Schöchl Italia".
 1982-1985Expansion of exports to the U.S.A.
 1990Gerhard Schöchl joins the company. The company is presented with the "Austrian National Award".
 1993Expansion of export activities to Japan

Takeover of the shipyard business by Gerhard and Manfred Schöchl.
Awarded the 1st  prize "Business Award" in the category "Trade"

 1998Awarded the 1st. Prize: "Best advertisement";
Establishment of a new branch in Germany.
 2001Expansion of manufacturing facility adding 1,500m2 enclosed area.
 200375th Birthday of Gottfried Schöchl
 2005Release of the new flag ship model SUNBEAM 53
 2008Release of the SUNBEAM 34, the first "Sports Luxury  Cruiser"
Expansion of export activities to Australia;
"European Yacht of the Year" award for the SUNBEAM 34.1
 2009 - 2013 Release of SUNBEAM 30.1, SUNBEAM 42.1, SUNBEAM 36.1, SUNBEAM 24.2 and SUNBEAM 28.1